ICFA launches Agriculture Knowledge Transformation Platform

Given a paradigm shift in terms of production, from cropping system to farming system approach and in terms of demand supply chain from being production led to consumption driven, transformational changes in agriculture are to be brought about as well as sustained by knowledge. In view of this, Indian Council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) launched the Agriculture Knowledge Transformation Platform under the chairmanship of Dr. RB Singh with Dr. RK Jain, JD (Education) IARI as its convener. This transformation platform envisages to facilitate and sustain excellence in Research and Development of agricultural knowledge through its linkage with industry and business as the stakeholders. It is imperative to have proactive cooperation, coordination and interfacing across the institutions, governments, and public and private sectors for converging all aspects to effect transformational changes. This platform will stimulate sustainable national and international collaborations, alliances and networks across all the stakeholders engaged in creating, upgrading, managing and disseminating agricultural knowledge towards science- and technology-led transformation and modernization in the field of agriculture.

Exclusive HR Agency for Agriculture : www.agripostions.com

Given the large number of agriculture graduates entering the industry year after year, the HR Agency specifically for agri professional agripositions.com was launched. The agency will act as a platform to bring together the candidates and recruiters and facilitate in making informed decisions on career choices in agriculture sector. Agripositions.com aims to provide comprehensive HR solutions through a single window across various domains to enhance the success of clients in agribusiness sector and become the most reliable source of information on career opportunities in agriculture sector. Such an agency is crucial for accelerated growth of agriculture sector to suitably fit in the required human resources from vast pool of resumes and provide adequate employment opportunities.

India -US -Africa partnership platform launched by ICFA

With the aim to end hunger and ensure access to safe and nutritious food by all and translating sustainable development goals for transforming African agriculture, Indian council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) launched India US Africa Partnership Platform. African agriculture has observed unprecedented growth though agricultural growth is outdone by population growth widening the gap between mouths to be fed and food availability. Leveraging upon the vast bio and climatic diversity, Africa can increase productivity, and achieve food self –sufficiency in a decade. India as well as United States of America have historically been involved in African continent and have huge commitments for Africa. Both the countries in recent years have increased their funding through flagship programs; India under South - South Cooperation and US under Feed the Future Program This Partnership Platform (USIAP) will mobilse Indian and US expertise and resources to translate their commitments into action to bring about food and nutritional security in Africa. The prime motto of this platform is to end hunger and ensure access by all people, in particular the poor and vulnerable, to safe, nutritious and sufficient food in Africa through sustainable food production systems and implementing resilient agricultural practices.

Tariq Anwar to chair ICFA Parliamentary forum

Indian Council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) launched a Parliamentary forum comprising of 25 Member of Parliament to strengthen the parliamentary focus on farm and farmers related issues supported with researched ground level information. The forum is being chaired by Sh. Tariq Anwar, Senior MP and Former MOS (Agriculture) and convened by Sh. Ravi Verma, MP. This forum aims to represent the interests of the key stakeholders, importantly the farmers and channelize bonafide collective voice to the farmers at nation level and act as a platform for policy research and advocacy to relieve farm distress through developmental initiatives for better economic growth and rural social transformation.

Centre allows import of additional 44,000 tonnes of tur dal, with riders

Following the imposition of annual import ceiling on pigeon peas (tur dal) fixed at two lakh tonne last month in response to the glut in the domestic market, the Centre has allowed an additional 40,000-44,000 tonne of the pulse to be imported. This has been done to accommodate the orders already paid for by traders prior to the restriction. “It was brought to the notice of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade that some traders had already given advance to foreign suppliers before the import ceiling was imposed. Since they can’t get their money back they are being allowed to import the contracted amount,” a government official told. The Centre is of the opinion that the additional imports, beyond the 2 lakh tonne ceiling, would not have a significant impact on prices in the domestic market. “When the government imposed the import restriction of an annual 2 lakh tonne on tur dal, the import limit had almost been reached. So the additional amount that is coming to the market is just restricted to the 44,000 tonne of pigeon peas that was contracted before the restriction was imposed. There wouldn’t be any further imports,” the official said. The DGFT, in its trade notification, stated that the relaxation would be given only after it is duly verified that the contracts were entered into and payments made prior to August 5 when the import restriction was imposed. The import restriction on tur dal was part of the government’s decision to restrict pulses imports (which also included moong) as domestic prices had fallen below the minimum support level. Farmers demanded better prices following a bumper production this year. The total production of pulses in the country in 2016-17 was a record 22.4 million tonnes compared to 16.35 million tonnes in the previous year.